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SWIFT-CARE Bridging the gap between NDIS Service Providers and NDIS Participants

Who we are

Our vision is to be innovative and to bridge the gaps between service providers and participants.

Swift-Care Services brings convenience to the process of searching, selecting and connecting with the right NDIS service provider that is tailored to your specific needs.

We have made this possible through a user-friendly platform that requires just 3 easy steps: Find, Connect & Seal the Deal.

We developed this platform because we understand that looking for NDIS participants or NDIS service providers causes a lot of undue stress, confusion, and frustration. It can honestly be a teething nightmare!.

Our vision is to create an innovative, streamlined platform that will help bridge the gap between NDIS service providers and participants. We believe that our efforts to connect participants and service providers will derive positive long-term changes for individuals and their families, as well as service providers.

We provide the necessary support to make the lives of people living with disabilities most comfortable. Our mission is for our platform to always leave fond memories and joy, not only to the NDIS participants but also to the service providers. We want our clients to realize their full capacities and achieve their goals.

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How Swift Care Works

Swift-Care’s platform streamlines the process of helping NDIS Participants and NDIS Service Providers find each other. We do not collect sign-up fees from NDIS participants.


This helps us match with Service Providers which are best for your needs.



Communicate with Service Providers that offer the services that you need.



Sign a service agreement with the service provider of your choosing.



Bridging Gaps, Connecting Lives

When we became a registered service provider in 2017, we were enthusiastic about what the future held. Passionate about helping people living with disabilities, we were ready to work hard and pour all our time and energy into making a difference. Soon, though, we ran into some serious challenges. It seemed as if it was never simple for us to find clients, and when we did manage to find clients, we realized that they were facing the same challenges and struggling to find service providers. How could the system be so broken?

Putting our heads together, we came up with a solution – a platform for facilitating connections between service providers and potential clients. This is Swift-Care Services, and it is going to change the way that people think about disability support in Australia.

Making this process easier and more straightforward for everyone involved, we have devoted ourselves to making a wide-scale impact, seeing the problems that we once faced and pushing through them on behalf of all the empathetic, compassionate people like us.

Better care is possible, and for the sake of people living with disabilities throughout Australia, we must make this platform work. Your NDIS one-stop solution, Swift-Care Services is a platform designed with your convenience and quality of life in mind.

Our mission is one of service, and our vision is one of innovation. Together, we can make life easy for service providers and their clients!

Swift Care Values


We listen and communicate honestly and clearly valuing people’s diversity.


We are responsible for our actions and behavior and deliver the best in all we do.


We are flexible, creative and responsive to changing needs.


We develop a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and aspirations. We collaborate to deliver outcomes which add real value to our client’s projects and the community as a whole.


We promise you an excellent service next to none.


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