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Swift-Care FAQs

What is Swift-Care Services?

  • Swift-Care Services is a platform for connecting participants and service providers.
  • Swift-Care was formed to bridge the access and communication gap between participants and service providers!

Why I should join Swift-Care Services?

  • Swift-Care gives service providers an opportunity to market their business and grow their clientele base.
  • Participants are also given opportunities to choose from a variety of service providers whom they want to engage

How do I join Swift-Care Services?

  • Services Providers need to register and pay fortnightly subscription fees. See our homepage for details.
  • Participants do not need to have an account; they just go onto the Swift Care site and post the service they want. Swift care will do the rest to link them to preferred Service Providers.

Is the Platform accessible online?

  • Yes, the platform is easily accessible online from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Can I communicate with potential participants?

  • All the communication to be on the platform, no exchange of contact numbers or e-mail addresses.

Is there a subscription fee?

  • Yes, there is a monthly subscription fee. Also, a one-off payment with every signed service agreement. See homepage for details

Do I need to have a contract as a service provider?

  • There is no lock in contract, and you can cancel registration at any time. See terms and conditions for details

Is there a service fee paid by participant?

  • Nooo! participants don’t pay any fees.


What is the NDIS?

  • The NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It has changed the way disability services are funded and delivered in Australia. The NDIS will provide people with a disability direct access to funds based on an assessment of their individual needs.

What is the NDIA?

  • The NDIA is the National Disability Insurance Agency, its role it is to implement the NDIS. You will meet with an NDIA planner who will help you plan your first NDIS planning budget.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

  • If you are aged under 65 years when the scheme starts in your area and have a permanent and significant disability, you may be eligible for NDIS services. For more information on NDIS eligibility and access go here ndis.gov.au

When will it be available in my area?

  • NDIS has now been rolled out to most areas

What is an NDIA planner and what is a planning meeting?

  • An NDIA planner is someone from the NDIA who will help you create your first NDIS plan. They will discuss your current lifestyle, your support needs, and your goals. This discussion will take place during your ‘planning meeting’.
  • It’s a very good idea to start thinking about your lifestyle, your goals, and the supports you currently need so that when you meet with your NDIA planner, you will have all the information ready to go.

Can I have people support me during my planning meeting?

  • Yes, you can have a support person, or people, with you to support you during your planning meeting. In fact, it’s a great idea to have someone with you if you feel you need them. You can have a family member, friends, someone from your current service provider, or an advocate join you; or you can go on your own.

How long will my NDIS plan go for?

  • Your NDIS plan runs for 12 months. Before the 12months is up (usually around 6 weeks before) you will be contacted by the NDIA to schedule a review of your plan for the year ahead.

What is covered by the NDIS?

  • The NDIS covers the cost of supports across a wide range of areas, from education, employment and community participation through to living arrangements, independence, health and wellbeing. What’s covered in your plan will really depend on your individual situation and life goals. The NDIS uses the ‘reasonable and necessary’ framework to determine what support you can be funded for – read more about this in this blog. The NDIS can also fund Plan Management and Support Coordination. If you want to know more how the NDIS funds specific costs, make sure to follow our blog series ‘How to make the NDIS work for you’, featuring Playing Sport,  Transport  and more.

Is Respite Care available under the NDIS?

  • Yes, but the NDIS brings a new approach to respite care. The NDIS will look at what respite you currently receive and why. Does it contribute to achieving your goals? Are there other supports that might be more suitable? Respite that currently occurs in accommodation services, outside the family home is called Short Term Accommodation under the NDIS.

What if I need to make changes to my NDIS Plan?

  • If there is a big change in your life that will require you to change your supports outlined in your plan before the end of 12 months (such as illness to you or a family member) you can contact your NDIA planner and ask for an early review.

What if I’m not happy with my plan?

  • If you are not happy with your plan you can contact your planner or the NDIA and discuss the things that you are not happy with. You can also go through a review process with the NDIA, called an internal review.
  • It is very important that you review your plan very carefully to make sure it has all of the supports you need.

What is a service agreement?

  • A service agreement is a legal agreement between you and your service provider/s which outlines the support that will be provided for you under the NDIS. It describes how and when the support will be provided, as well as the costs and the fees you need to pay.

What happens to my NDIS Plan when I turn 65?

  • If you’ve been receiving NDIS support, at the age of 65 you can choose to either continue with NDIS supports or transition to age care. However, if you do decide to transition to age care, you won’t be able to return to the NDIS.

How can I contact Swift-Care or NDIS?

  • Swift-Care- admin@swiftcare.com.au
  • If you would like to contact the NDIS direct go to ndis.gov.au

Email: enquiries@ndis.gov.au
Call 1800 800 110* Monday to Friday, 8am to 11pm local times
For people with hearing or speech loss:
TTY: 1800 555 677
Speak and Listen: 1800 555 727
For people who need help with English TIS: 131 450